Navigating the volatile terrain of nickel and lithium markets amid global supply and demand shifts

Apr 3, 2024

Navigating the volatile terrain of nickel and lithium markets amid global supply and demand shifts

As the global economy continues to evolve, the commodities market, particularly for nickel and lithium, has witnessed significant fluctuations. Asset Valuation Advisory (AVA), with our comprehensive expertise in tangible asset valuation across various sectors, delves into the current trends affecting these crucial materials. Our insights aim to shed light on the implications of global supply constraints and the slower-than-anticipated uptake of electric vehicles (EVs), which has led to a tepid demand for lithium batteries.

Understanding the dynamics of nickel and lithium markets

Global supply constraints

The nickel and lithium markets have been under considerable pressure due to oversupply, in particular with nickel concentrate flooding the global market from Indonesian . Political instability in key producing regions, environmental regulations, and logistical challenges have exacerbated these , affecting the global supply chain. Nickel, vital for stainless steel production and lithium-ion batteries, and lithium, a core component of EV batteries, are at the heart of this supply dilemma. AVA’s extensive mining and resource sector experience enables us to understand these complexities and their impact on valuation and advisory services.

The EV market and lithium demand

The EV market, which was poised for exponential growth, has encountered a slower-than-expected uptake globally. Factors such as high initial costs, insufficient charging infrastructure, and consumer range anxiety have contributed to this sluggish growth. Consequently, the demand for lithium, essential for EV batteries, has yet to meet projections, leading to market volatility. This scenario presents challenges and opportunities for stakeholders across the value chain, from miners to manufacturers and investors.

Strategic valuation considerations

Given these market dynamics, AVA’s approach to asset valuation and advisory services emphasises strategic considerations. For entities with interests in nickel and lithium assets, understanding the market’s volatility is crucial for informed decision-making. Our valuations consider these market fluctuations, offering clients insights that support strategic planning, investment decisions, and risk management.

Advisory services for navigating market uncertainties

AVA’s advisory services are designed to navigate these uncertain times. Our team, led by industry veterans like Richard Blow and John Harvey, provides tailored advice to manage risks and seize opportunities. Whether for insurance purposes, financial reporting, or transactional advice, our expertise in the mining and resource sector, particularly in minerals processing and treatment plants, positions us as a valuable partner.

Looking ahead: Adapting to market realities

Embracing innovation and sustainability

As the market for nickel and lithium evolves, embracing innovation and sustainability becomes paramount. Investing in technology that enhances efficiency and reduces environmental impact is critical for the mining and EV sectors. AVA supports this transition by offering valuation and advisory services that consider sustainability a key value driver.

Strategic partnerships and investments

Strategic partnerships and investments in research and development (R&D) can also play a vital role in overcoming current market challenges. Collaborations between mining companies, battery manufacturers, and EV producers can lead to more resilient supply chains and innovative solutions that meet market demands.

Our concluding comments

The nickel and lithium markets are at a crossroads, influenced by global oversupply of nickel concentrate from Indonesia and the slower than predicted uptake of EVs. Asset Valuation Advisory’s expertise in tangible asset valuation and advisory services provides stakeholders with the insights needed to navigate these turbulent times. As the market adjusts to these realities, our commitment to delivering strategic value and informed guidance remains unwavering.

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